‘Find Out Who Your Friends Are’ Makes History

Posted in News on August 15, 2007

Tracy Lawrence couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a friend at the No. 1 party for “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” Tuesday, August 7 at BMI. BMI co-writers and universally acknowledged great guys Ed Hill and Casey Beathard sported big grins while publishers Troy Tomlinson, Pat Higdon, Ron Stuve and a slew of friends toasted Tracy Lawrence’s first No. 1 in eleven years.

photo GAC’s Storme Warren interviewed songwriters Ed Hill and Casey Beathard, along with Tracy Lawrence. Pictured are (l to r): Ed Hill, Tracy Lawrence, Casey Beathard and Storme Warren.

photo Pictured are (l to r): BMI songwriter Ed Hill, Tracy Lawrence and BMI songwriter Casey Beathard.

photo Universal’s Ron Stuve mulled over his many years of working with Ed Hill. Pictured are (l to r): Casey Beathard, Universal’s Pat Higdon, Ed Hill and Universal’s Ron Ron Stuve.

photo Ed Hill’s biggest fans came out to support him. Pictured are (l to r): Ed Hill, daughter Gracen, wife Laura and other daughter Savanna.

photo Casey Beathard cracks up the crowd.

photo Pictured at the festivities are (l to r): Tracy Lawrence, Universal Music Publishing’s Pat Higdon, producer Julian King, BMI’s Jody Williams, Ed Hill, Universal Music Publishing’s Ron Stuve, Casey Beathard, Rocky Comfort Records’ Laney Lawrence and Sony/ATV’s Troy Tomlinson.

Photos by Steve Lowry

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