Creating Tomorrow’s Music Rights Management Today

Posted in MusicWorld on May 20, 2013

Updated August 30, 2013

With online music performance counts showing a 45 percent increase in 2012, keeping up with billions of performances across all business sectors requires forethought and constant innovation. So how did Broadcast Music, Inc. update its Business Process Management systems? By having set the groundwork to evaluate our strategy, processes and technology before this digital surge began.

As a result, BMI’s Information Services Group was recognized for the Company’s innovative use of Services Oriented Architecture at the prestigious IBM Impact 2013 Conference. This recognition, given for the way we build our enterprise applications better and smarter through reusing common services, stemmed from BMI’s mutually beneficial relationships with IBM, our key software platform partner, and Prolifics, our key system integration partner, to construct processes that can be expanded upon as the music industry continues to evolve. This efficiency benefits all BMI songwriters, composers and publishers and the businesses that play their music publicly. But we didn’t just begin our commitment to advanced technology; BMI was the first in music rights management to offer songwriters and publishers online services on both large screen and mobile applications in 2000 and 2010, respectively.

These technological jump-starts, along with the Company’s constant re-evaluation of our systems, are what have given BMI the framework to improve upon what we’ve built. And, as our relationships with key partners continue to develop, the success of these strategies are evident in the new versions of BMI Mobile for iPhone, iPad and Android users. BMI Mobile provides quick access to self-service options and information dedicated to serve BMI’s songwriters and publishers. The new versions of BMI Mobile offer enhanced GPS capabilities to speed BMI Live performance submissions, as well as Direct Deposit management, Paperless Statement selection, and a full display of Works Catalog information including co-writer and co-publisher information. Since the launch at SXSW in March, 2013, the new BMI Mobile app has quadrupled the number of downloads per month over the prior version and it enjoys a returning user rate of 90%. The free download of BMI Mobile is available for BMI affiliates in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, where it has consistently received high ratings.

BMI is proud of this honor from IBM and continues our commitment to technological leadership.