BMI Supports New Song Arts ‘Making Awesome Tracks II’ Pop Music Production Seminar Sept 30 / Oct 1st

Posted in News on August 31, 2017

BMI is proud to support its producer, songwriter, and artists members at Song Arts Academy’s new two-day pop music production seminar, Making Awesome Tracks II, led by producers Jon Buscema, Pablo San Martin, and Billy Seidman. Learn contemporary studio production techniques (On DAWS: Logic, Pro Tools & Ableton / Using: Massive, Omnisphere, Battery, Serum & Sylenth Software) that will get the industry to notice and care about your music. Create records that will get you attention, cut through the noise, and build your career.

Day one kicks off Saturday, 11am-6pm at the Manhattan Centers “Cabin” Studio (featuring a Neve VR flying fader console), with Jon and Pablo making deep-dive presentations of their production and mixing skill sets. Day two runs 11am-7pm at the Song Arts facility, where participants will break into teams to individually build and produce tracks utilizing the skills learned the day before, with Jon, Pablo and Billy offering hands-on input, guidance and suggestions.

The cost for the two-day, 15-hour seminar is $350. The seminar is limited to 15 producers. Producers are encouraged to apply ASAP to secure their spot. For more details and to apply, visit: Making Awesome Tracks II – Application.