BMI Indie Spotlight: Winter, Pt. 2

Posted in News on February 22, 2022
Pictured: The Linda Lindas
Pictured: The Linda Lindas

2022 is here, and the BMI Indie team is excited to share with you a new batch of artists and bands with big, exciting years ahead of them. First up are the garage punk rockers The Linda Lindas, who are telling us their story of growing up, followed by KAWALA, a harmony-driven band who is ready for their flag-in-the-sand moment. Satica, a Cambodian and Californian singer/songwriter whose music is as sweet as honey and as strong as whiskey, is up next, with Noga Erez landing on our radar with her dynamic, genre-defying sound. Rounding out the roster are Raelyn Nelson Band, who are here to show that success can be found even if you’re a rebel girl, Hunter Moreau, whose vulnerable words make us anything but sleepy, and Sadie Jean, who has a very important question for us.

We’re thrilled to spotlight these seven incredible acts. Be sure to check out the BMI Indie playlist on Spotify to hear our selections from each act’s discography!