Lisbeth Scott’s ‘Love’ Song Causes ‘Domino’ Effect

Posted in News on December 11, 2005
BMI singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott stopped by the Los Angles office with her manager Mike Gormley to celebrate the placement of the song "Real Love" in the biopic, Domino. Co-written with BMI composer Harry Gregson-Williams, "Real Love" is performed by Macy Gray in the end title of the Tony Scott-directed movie, which is based loosely on the life of privileged model turned bounty hunter Domino Harvey and stars Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke, Lucy Liu and Christopher Walken.

Executives from the BMI Film/TV Relations department welcome singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott (center) to the LA office. Pictured are BMI's Paige Sober and Ray Yee, Scott, manager Mike Gormley and BMI's Linda Livingston. Photo by Liane Mori

Lisbeth is best known for co-writing lyrics and providing vocals for the widely acclaimed score to The Passion of the Christ, and has been one of the most sought after singers in the film world, having worked with Hans Zimmer, John Debney and James Newton Howard, among others.