2.4 Billion New Media Performances Processed by BMI in 2004

Posted in News on July 31, 2005

BMI-licensed digital services generated more than 2.4 billion performances of music on Internet sites, subscription music services and mobile entertainment services in 2004. In the fourth quarter of 2004 alone, more than 900,000,000 Internet-based performances and more than 60 million ringtone transactions were run through BMI's systems.

This performance data was fed into BMI's distribution systems, and the titles, performance counts and revenues associated with each service were processed to facilitate distributions to the more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and publishers BMI represents.

In 1995, BMI signed the first agreement for the performance of music on the Internet. As it became apparent that the new digital media would require enhanced licensing, music-use and financial systems to handle the increased performance volume and data generated by these new services, BMI built systems in advance in anticipation of this increased transaction volume. These systems are capable of processing highly detailed title and revenue data that is provided to BMI by licensees.

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