Ecast Signs Performance Agreement with BMI

Posted in News on March 21, 2004
Ecast Inc., which uses the Internet to bring the digital music revolution to listeners via a fleet of digital downloading coin- and credit card-operated jukeboxes, has reached agreement with performing rights organization BMI to license the public performance of the 4.5 million songs BMI represents.

"This BMI agreement will greatly simplify our business," said Lisa Tiver, Vice President of Rights and Licensing at Ecast. "Licensing through BMI gives us the right to play millions of songs from 300,000 copyright owners. Because we offer consumers a vast array of songs, this blanket agreement is far more convenient and cost-effective than pursuing individual licenses from a huge number of copyright owners."

Ecast's Location-Based Broadband Network(tm) delivers music to consumers at bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes and other out of home venues via pay per use broadband connected digital jukeboxes. All usage is captured and reported enabling accurate compensation to publishers and writers.

"Ecast's digital jukeboxes provide consumers with a broader music selection to choose from than traditional jukeboxes, and they play more music," said John Shaker, Senior Vice President of Licensing at BMI. "BMI's new agreement with Ecast benefits both businesses and copyright owners alike."

Jukebox operators and venue owners are also empowered by the usage data, since it enables them to ensure their Ecast-powered digital jukebox features music popular in their venue. They can also delete the less popular music. If the customer cannot find the song they want on the digital jukebox they can access for play any track from the Ecast's 140,000 track strong Location-Based Broadband Network.

Customer friendly features on Ecast-powered jukeboxes include the Make Mine First(tm) option, which lets patrons advance their selection to the front of the song queue, and Search All Music(tm), which lets customers narrow their search by artist, album, genre or song.

Tom Annastas, Vice President of General Licensing at BMI, said licensing the BMI repertoire to Ecast will assure that songwriters are compensated when their music is played on digital jukeboxes. "Ecast's proprietary technology will bring a higher level of copyright compliance to the jukebox industry and reduce the administrative burden for Ecast, operators, venue owners, and BMI," said Annastas.

Ecast Inc. owns and operates a Location-Based Broadband Network(tm), which combines a proprietary software platform, an extensive broadband network and digital media vending devices. Much as ATM networks enable banks to dispense cash and services, Ecast's Location-Based Broadband Network enables the company to deliver music, games and other digital entertainment media from record labels and video game publishers to consumers at hotels, coffee houses, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and other location-based venues. Ecast has content partnerships with BMG, EMI, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Midway Games, Playboy Enterprises and others. Founded in 1999, Ecast Inc. is privately owned with offices in San Francisco and Tokyo.

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