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« Back to FAQs Can I share my Online Services account with my manager or other third-party?

With your authorization, a manager or other third-party can be granted access to your account using their own unique username/password. To keep your confidential information secure, please do not share your username/password with your manager or other third-party.

To grant authorization, send an email to with the following required information:

  • Your BMI account name(s) and number(s)
  • Authorized party name(s) and email(s)
  • List of applications the third-party should have access to:
    • Works Catalog
    • Works Registration
    • Tax Documents
    • Royalty Statement
    • BMI Live
    • Direct Deposit
    • Change of Address

You can remove third-party access at any time through your own Online Services account by clicking on “Third Party Permissions,” and then select “Edit” next to their name.

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