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I arranged a public domain classical work. How should it be registered?

How should I register instrumental tracks (using orchestral instruments) that I wrote for an album?

I have a new instrumentation for a work I already registered. Must I register it as a separate work?

I self-publish all my works. How can I add my publishing company to my work registrations?

I scored a film mostly with orchestral music. How should I register my work?

Can I register my opera?

Can I register my ballet score?

I used text found on the Internet in my composition, but can’t find who wrote it. Can I register?

I have added a movement to an existing work. How do I register the new material?

A clarinetist has performed my violin sonata without permission. Do I need to change the registration?

My publisher doesn’t have a BMI affiliation. How should I register the work?

A movement from my sonata has been performed by itself. Should I register that movement separately?

Each work of mine appears in my catalog twice, once with my last name and once without. Why is that?

I don’t have reliable internet access. Can I still use the PDF or paper forms?

The work titles in my BMI catalog have no punctuation. Why is that?

How do I report a classical performance to BMI?

Should I report a classical radio broadcast?

How do I report a classical performance that occurred outside the United States?

Can I report a classical performance using BMI Live?

What should I do for premiere performances?

I arranged a Public Domain classical work. Will I get paid for its performance?

What does “classical” mean at BMI?

Why am I getting an error message when I try to register a classical work?

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