Tax Information

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires BMI to obtain tax forms to establish your status as U.S. or Foreign for tax purposes.

Tax Forms

If you know your status as U.S. or Foreign, choose the appropriate tax form below and send to

  • U.S. Person or Company

    Required: Form W-9

    Note: If you are affiliating with BMI, a substitute W-9 form is included in the Writer and Publisher Affiliation Kits. W-9 forms do not generally expire unless something on the form changes. For example, if the Legal Name or Tax ID on your account changes, you must provide an updated W-9.

  • Foreign Person or Individually-Owned Company

    Required: Form W-8BEN

    Spanish-language Translations for reference purposes only. The IRS requires the English-language form for tax purposes.

  • Foreign Entity (Companies)

    Required: Form W-8BEN-E

    Note: Nonwithholding Foreign Partnerships or Trusts that have elected to be treated as a Corporation for tax purposes must supply either a copy of Form 8832 Entity Classification Selection that was submitted to the IRS, or a confirmation letter from the IRS.

  • Foreign Partnerships or Trusts (that have not elected to be treated as Corporations)

    Withholding Foreign Partnerships and Trusts: Form W-8IMY is required

    Nonwithholding Foreign Partnerships and Trusts: Form W-8IMY is required along with a Withholding Statement and underlying tax documents for each partner or trustee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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