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BMI Celebrates its 37th Annual BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Awards


From News, posted 7.12.21 BMI is proud to celebrate its 37th annual Film, TV & Visual Media Awards, saluting the top-performing composers in film, TV and visual media of the previous year. The honorees were announced today across BMI’s social media and digital platforms, featuring a selection of notable composers and multiple award winners,… Read more...

“P-Valley” Composer Matthew Head on What Wouldn’t Have Happened if He Didn’t Speak Up


From News, posted 7.31.20 When most people think of hip-hop producers or film and television composers, they’re likely thinking of two very different types of professionals on two different spectrums: a beatmaker banging out bops for a rapper, or someone crafting a serious-sounding orchestral arrangement. Matthew Head, the GRAMMY-nominated musician who’s won Emmy, NAACP… Read more...

Matthew Head: Matthew Head | 2021 BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Awards

Captured at 2021 BMI Film, TV and Visual Media Awards

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