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Lolla Indie Spotlight: Illiterate Light


From News, posted 7.08.19 Rock duo, Illiterate Light, have an eclectic background that is reflected in their music. Floating between postmodern confusion and vibrant, life-affirming optimism, Illiterate Light’s Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran allow their pasts—which includes running an organic farm, touring the mid-Atlantic by bicycle, and living in small communities while pursing alternative… Read more...

SXSW Indie Spotlight: Illiterate Light


From News, posted 2.27.19 Railing against the perceived limitations of being a duo, Harrisonburg, VA’s Illiterate Light makes sure to produce a huge sound despite their small numbers. Between Jeff Gorman’s gritty guitar melodies, Jake Chochran’s spartan drum set-up and their combined, soaring harmonies, the duo’s distinctive blend of incendiary indie rock is building… Read more...

Illiterate Light: Illiterate Light - BMI’s Emoji That Track

Captured at BMI’s Emoji That Track S3

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