BMI Inclusion Mission Statement

BMI’s mission is to create a high-performing organization by developing an inclusive culture. This will be achieved in an environment that fosters creativity, productivity and mutual respect of all individuals. This culture is fostered by the President/CEO at all levels throughout the organization.

At BMI we recognize that:

Inclusion helps achieve business results. We understand that in order to be a leader not only as a performing rights organization but also across all businesses, “equal opportunity” is more than a legal requirement. We must value and embrace inclusion as a strategic competitive advantage. To that end, we must continue to develop and promote leadership committed to cultivating and leading an inclusive culture.

Inclusion is important.  The communities in which we live and work are becoming increasingly more diverse from a race, gender, and age perspective, as well as in terms of languages, cultures and in other ways. BMI’s goal is that our workforce will reflect the diversity found in our communities.

An inclusive culture makes an organization stronger.  BMI is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive culture that allows all team members an equal opportunity to contribute in ways that will result in increased creativity and exceptional performance. We expect all team members will demonstrate respect for every individual regardless of race, color, sex, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, veteran’s or marital status, disability or any other cultural factor and incorporate these values into their daily interactions and behaviors.