Jaguar Wright

Posted in MusicWorld on June 9, 2002 by

It seems as if there is an onslaught of new artists emerging from Philadelphia - as if Philly soul is going through a rebirth. Are the soulful sounds of Philly indeed making a comeback? Well, if you listen to newcomer Jaguar Wright's debut album, Denials, Delusions and Decisions, then the answer is unquestionably yes.

It's hard to believe that Jaguar grew up in a household where she was not allowed to listen to the radio. But she found ways to listen to the latest r&b sounds and developed a strong appreciation for the music that was forbidden to her as a young child.

Jaguar started out as a rapper with her first group, Philly Blunts, She later found herself singing background for local artists in and around New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, but it was her performance at Black Lily (a female open-mic showcase in Philadelphia) where she caught the eyes and ears of hip-hop band the Roots. She became part of the Roots family and made her singing debut on their hit single, "What You Want," from The Best Man soundtrack; you've seen Jaguar with the Roots in commercials for Coke and with Jay-Z on MTV Unplugged.

Denials, Delusions and Decisions, which she wrote and co-arranged, is a compilation that Jaguar describes as "real songs about real situations." She would like her music to uplift and touch people, and with her rich, soulful sounds, Jaguar is demonstrating that Philly soul is back and better than ever.