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BMI Roundtable Panel- Music & Film; The Creative Process
(Sundance badges must be shown for admittance, for more information contact Hanna Bolte)

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Wednesday, January 21
11 am -1 pm
The Sundance House, Kimball Arts Center

B.C. Smith Chris Eyre David Julyan
Composer: Smoke Signals; Edge of America Filmmaker: Smoke Signalsl Edge of America Composer: Memento; Insomnia

Several prominent composers and filmmakers will engage in a freewheeling and lively discussion on the role of music in independent film and the current state of film music.   The focus will be on the creative process.  

George S. Clinton Jessica Yu Mark de gli Antoni
Composer: Austin Powers; The Santa Clause Filmmaker: Breathing Lessons; In The Realm of the Unreal Composer: Marie & Bruce

What goes into a successful film score?
What makes for an effective director/composer relationship?  
How do leading directors and composers talk to each other?  
What are the considerations involved in deciding where to place music, how much music, and what kind of music?  

Nicole Kassell Nathan Larson Peter Golub
Filmmaker: The Woodsman Composer: Boys Don't Cry; The Woodsman Composer: The Laramie Project

Audience participation will be encouraged.   Participants include composers Rolfe Kent (About Schmidt; Legally Blonde), George S. Clinton (Austin Powers; The Santa Clause), Nathan Larson (Boys Don't Cry; The Woodsman), Mark de gli Antoni (Marie & Bruce), and Jeff Beal (Pollack; In The Realm of the Unreal) as well as filmmaker Jessica Yu (Breathing Lessons; In The Realm of the Unreal)

Rolf Kent Rick Marvin Jeff Beal
Composer: About Schmidt; Legally Blonde Composer: Six Feet Under; Eulogy Composer: Pollock; In The Realm of the Unreal