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Young punk-pop trio Eve 6 is quickly making a name for itself. Following the success of its self-titled 1998 debut, the group has hit the ground running with the current follow-up, Horrorscope, featuring "Here's to the Night." A tenderly insinuating number that has already broken Billboard's Top 30, the song belies the fierce - and often funny - stylings that are Eve 6's trademark.

The group's Max Collins (vocals, bass) and Jon Siebels (guitar, vocals) first signed with RCA while still in high school, being joined later by drummer Tony Fagenson. "We played this horribly messy showcase for a couple of A&R guys five years ago," Collins recalls. "We were messing up left and right, but RCA saw potential and wanted to let us develop musically on our own and still finish high school. That was an awesome thing."

Fagenson - the son of famed producer Don Was - admits there was some pressure to follow up the first album's success (notching runs on both mainstream and alternative charts), but adds, "We went in thinking, 'Let's pretend we're starting over, that this is our first chance to make an album.' In a lot of ways, Horrorscope is a clean slate for us."

One difference this time around is a gentler touch. "With our first record we came off as very serious," says Siebels. "But there's a side of us that really doesn't take ourselves seriously and makes jokes out of everything. People are going to see the lighter side of us this time around."

Despite their youth, the members of Eve 6 retain a clear picture of where they'd like their careers to go. "You really can't complain when you get to play in front of thousands of people every night," says Fagenson. "If we can do that forever then we'll be very happy."

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