BMI Theatre Workshop Presents New Works for NAMT

Posted in News on February 10, 2004

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre (NAMT) held their annual New Works Summit recently that included a luncheon hosted by BMI and a presentation of new works from the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre, founded in 1985, is the only national service organization dedicated to musical theatre. Its membership includes theatre institutions, universities, and independent producers. Located throughout 32 states and 6 countries, member companies vary substantially in size and structure, yet all share a commitment to preserve and enhance this uniquely American art form. Last season, NAMT members cumulatively staged nearly 20,000 performances attended by 14 million people and reached revenues exceeding $500 million.

Some of the writers whose works were presented included Ralph Sevush, Will Randall, Michael Ogborn, Bill Augustin, David Arthur, Frank Evans, BMI's Jean Banks, Alison Hubbard, Annie Kessler, Andy Monroe, Louise Beach, David Spencer, Chris Todd, Warren Loy and Andrew Abrams.

Photo: Dana Rodriguez

Seen here after the luncheon are BMI's Jean Banks; Bob Alwine, Goodspeed Musicals; Dave Steakley, Zachary Scott Theater in Austin; Leland Ball, California Musical Theatre; Kathy Evans, Executive Director of NAMT; Sue Frost, Goodspeed; Daniella Topol, New Works Program Director, NAMT; David Armstrong, The Fifth Avemue Musical Theatre Company in Seattle; Frank Evans, Co-producer of the Showcase and member of BMI Theatre Workshop Steering Committee; Robb Hunt, Village Theatre in Issaquah, Washington; and Patrick Cook, Artistic Coordinator of the BMI Theatre Workshop.

Photo: David Bills