BMI Member FAQs

When should I join BMI?

Can I join online as a publisher?

Can a person be both a songwriter and a publisher?

What is the difference between a songwriter and a publisher?

Can I join online as a songwriter?

What is the fee to join as a songwriter?

What extra services does BMI offer to members?

What is the fee to create a publishing company with BMI?

How does BMI split royalties between songwriters and publishers?

Do I need to start a publishing company?

What is the BMI Foundation?

Does BMI offer direct deposit?

Does BMI offer any discounts?

What is the difference between performing right royalties, mechanical royalties and sync royalties?

How does BMI pay royalties?

Can BMI get my songs on the radio?

Where can I find my BMI account number?

Will joining BMI get me a record deal?

How do I log in to my account and what is my password?

How do I get a copy of my BMI contract?

Do I need to inform BMI when my songs are played on the radio?

Will BMI help me get signed to a record label or get me a publishing deal?

What do I do if my song is being played on radio, TV or Internet?

Does BMI need a copy of my song?

How much does it cost to register my songs with BMI?

How do I register my works with BMI?

How do I make changes to a work that is already registered with BMI?

How do I change my address?

How do I copyright my song and/or collection of my songs?

What is an IPI/CAE number?

How do I contact the BMI Creative department?

I need to change the name and/or structure of my publishing company. What do I do?

What are the different types of copyright?

Is it necessary to copyright my songs?

Do I need to re-copyright new versions of my old songs?

What is BMI Live?

What types of performances are not eligible through BMI Live?

How often does BMI Live pay out?

Where do I enter my BMI Live performance information and setlist?

What is required to be paid through BMI Live?

When I enter setlists for my BMI Live performances what do you need to know?

How often do I enter my BMI Live performance information?

How is the BMI Live royalty rate determined?

How can I notify my other band members to participate in BMI Live?

How will BMI Live appear on my BMI royalty statement?

Will publishers also be paid for BMI Live performances?

Do my band members and I have to be BMI songwriters to get paid through the BMI Live program?

Will I be able to edit my BMI Live performance information once I enter it?

How do I register my songs with BMI?

What do I do if I have more questions about BMI Live?

When will BMI Mobile be available?

What platforms are supported by BMI Mobile?

Where can I download the BMI Mobile App?

How much does BMI Mobile cost?

What is the difference between BMI’s Mobile App and BMI’s Mobile website?

What happens to royalty payments when a writer or publisher dies?

Is registering my music with BMI an alternative to copyright registration?

Can I use BMI Live for foreign live performances?

Does BMI Live track performances outside of the US?

How long does it take for an Online Work Registration to be processed?

I got a letter from BMI about uncashed checks, what do I do?

What else can you tell me about copyright?

When I enter setlists for my BMI Live performances should I include cover songs?

Can publishers submit setlists on behalf of their writers?

What service does BMI provide to businesses?

We pay for music from a playlist on Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music. Isn’t it ours to play anywhere?

What is a public performance of music and what is the “Performing Right”?

If a business has a license with another performing right organization, do they still need to license with BMI?

Does a business need a BMI License if they only play original music?

Are the musicians, DJ’s and entertainers responsible for obtaining the necessary music licenses?

Aren’t TV, cable, and radio stations already licensed with BMI?

How does a business owner know if they are playing BMI Music? What songs are in BMI’s repertoire?

What service does BMI provide to my business?

What happens to the fees that businesses pay and how much profit does BMI make?

How can my business obtain a BMI license?

¿Qué es BMI Live?

¿Qué tipo de actuaciones no son elegibles a través de BMI Live?

¿Con que frecuencia paga BMI Live?

¿Dónde puedo enviar y acceder mi información de presentaciones y lista de canciones BMI Live?

¿Que se requiere para ser pagado a través de BMI Live?

¿Con qué frecuencia debo someter la información de mis presentaciones en BMI Live?

¿Qué es lo que necesitan saber cuándo someto mi lista de canciones (setlist) a través de BMI Live de mis presentaciones?

¿Cómo es la tasa de regalías de BMI Live determinada?

¿También los editores serán pagados por presentaciones a traves de BMI Live?

¿Cómo BMI Live aparecerá en mi estado de regalías BMI?

¿Mis miembros del grupo al igual que yo tenemos que ser cantautores BMI para recibir pagos a través del programa de BMI Live?

¿Cómo puedo notificar a mis otros compañeros del grupo a participar en BMI Live?

¿Qué debo hacer si tengo más preguntas sobre BMI Live?

¿Podre hacer cambios a la información de mis presentaciones en BMI Live después de haberlas introducido?

¿Puede BMI Live rastrear presentaciones fuera de los EE.UU.?

¿Puede un editor enviar lista de canciones (setlist) en nombre de sus cantautores?

¿Cuándo someta la lista de canciones (setlists) de mis presentaciones en vivo de BMI Live debo incluir canciones de cover?

I found an old check. Can it still be deposited?

A distribution check was issued to my account but I still have not received it. What can I do?

My song has recently received airplay. When will I receive my performance royalties?

Can I direct deposit my royalties into a bank outside of the United States?

I live in a foreign country. Can I affiliate with BMI?

I am a BMI affiliate. I have entered into a sub-publishing deal for representation in foreign countries. How does it work?

Does BMI monitor my performances overseas?

I am a BMI writer. How does BMI collect my foreign performance royalties?

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