Sweetwater's $25 Discount Offer for BMI Members


You’re an artist, you’re making music. But sometimes, the ins and outs of complicated technology can get in the way of the creative process. That’s why Sweetwater is here to help. Whether you need a microphone, a cable, a new piece of software, or a complete live or studio rig, you can count on one of our knowledgeable Sales Engineers to help you find the right piece of gear for you and your music — the first time. More than that, we’ve got you covered with exclusive extras, such as free shipping, free tech support, and our free 2-year warranty — so you know you’re getting the most value with every purchase.

As a BMI member, you’re eligible for a $25 discount on your first order of $200 or more. This offer is available on phone orders only.

You are eligible to get this benefit.

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