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Corporate Positioning Brand Campaign

BMI’s new corporate positioning brand campaign reflects our industry leadership, rich heritage and commitment to innovation and creativity. Three key slogans, “Valuing Music Since 1939,” “Powered By” and “Write On” reinforce BMI’s ongoing dedication to serve our songwriters, composers, music publishers and licensees, along with our pledge to add value to the transforming music industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why did BMI decide to launch a new brand campaign?

Q: When was the last time the Company updated its branding?

Q: How was the new corporate positioning brand campaign kicked off?

Q: What does the new logo represent? What is the star-like symbol? Why is the spark red?

Q: Is the new logo meant to change the image of BMI?

Q: Who is Danny Clinch and why did BMI decide to use his photos for the campaign? Is BMI only using his artwork?

About the “Write On” Ads

Watch the video as BMI songwriters show their support for the “Write On” campaign.