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Band on the Run: Sometimes the Best Studio is the One in Your Pocket


From MusicWorld, posted 8.27.14. Unlike our tape-threading ancestors who needed big, pricey gear in order to sound good, these days, demo making can be accomplished on an increasingly small budget, using equally miniscule apparatus. In the digital domain, computer-based software programs and peripherals offer the most bang for the buck, however the proliferation of… Read more...

BMI Sponsors Abbey Road Songwriting Session


From News, posted 8.19.14. Broadcast Music, Inc. recently hosted BASS Camp (BMI @ Abbey Road Songwriter Sessions), the first ever songwriting camp sponsored by a performing rights organization at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. The 3-day camp, which was organized by BMI’s Brandon Bakshi along with Bohemia Junction’s Andrew Mackay, included an… Read more...

BMI Legends Honored At SHOF Induction Gala


From News, posted 7.30.14. Beneath the glimmering chandeliers of the New York Marriot Marquis hotel ballroom, the evening of June 13 was one dedicated to celebrating some of the finest songwriting legends of our time. Music icons Ray Davies, Donovan, Graham Gouldman and Mark James were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame; Dan… Read more...

BMI to Honor ‘Ludacris’ With President’s Award at 2014 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards


From News, posted 7.29.14. Broadcast Music, Inc. will present the President’s Award to Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges at the 2014 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards, to be held Friday, August 22, at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The star-studded event will also celebrate the R&B/Hip-Hop Songwriter, Producer and Publisher of the Year, the Social Star Award winner… Read more...

Writing and Placing Songs Internationally


From MusicWorld, posted 7.28.14. With so many artists and producers writing or co-writing their own material, there seem to be fewer opportunities than ever for writers and music publishers to pitch and place songs. It’s become increasingly important to think outside the box when writing and promoting material—and that includes looking beyond our own borders.… Read more...

BMI CEO Michael O’Neill Adds Title of President


From News, posted 7.11.14. Broadcast Music, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Neill has assumed the additional title of President, as he succeeds former President and CEO Del Bryant, who has retired after 42 years of continuous service to the Company. In May 2013, Bryant announced his upcoming retirement and in September 2013, the BMI… Read more...

busbee Shows His Versatility With Multi-Genre BMI Awards


From News, posted 7.03.14. Broadcast Music, Inc. hit songwriter busbee recently achieved the rare benchmark of having won BMI Awards at the Company’s Pop, Country, Christian, and London Award shows. At the 2013 BMI Pop Awards and the 2012 London Awards, his smash hit “Darkside,” performed by Kelly Clarkson, was celebrated as one of… Read more...

How to Write and Pitch for Different Genres and Music Centers


From MusicWorld, posted 6.25.14. Great songs are at the heart of every style of music. But the process of writing and demoing those songs—as well as business practices—varies by genre, and is approached differently in various music centers. This article will examine those differences. How the Songs Are Written In… Read more...

6 Industry Trends That Can Advance Your Career as a Songwriter


From MusicWorld, posted 5.27.14. Predicting the future of the music business in the rapidly evolving digital age is tricky. In the past decade, innovations like the iTunes Store and streaming Internet radio have radically changed the playing field. As 2014 continues to unfold, there are several trends that indicate opportunities for songwriters and musicians.… Read more...

3 Smart Steps to Being Your Own Music Publisher


From MusicWorld, posted 5.27.14. So often as songwriters we hold the publishing deal out there as some kind of holy grail. I understand the mindset, as so much of our work is solitary and the kind of industry acknowledgement that a publishing deal represents can be a very tempting proposition. In fact, signing with… Read more...

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