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Posted in MusicWorld on February 21, 2012
Pictured: Merilou Salazar and Jessie Meehan of Where She Is compete at the Best Live Band competition during the OC Music Awards. Photo: Chad Yanagisawa

Important stories for working songwriters:

USC began offering a major in songwriting in 2009. American Songwriter talks about the program’s success with Chris Sampson, associate dean and director of Popular Music at USC’s Thornton School of Music.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the science behind songs that make us cry.

New York Times business and economics writer Eduardo Porter puts the piracy problem in broader context.

The 2012 Grammys drew 40 million eyes and ears, the second-largest TV audience in the award show’s history. Reuters reviews the numbers and post-event chatter.

Digital Music News counts 42 ways artists, songwriters and musicians can make money. We’d add BMI Live, our program that pays songwriters for their performances of their original work in any size venue across the U.S., to the list. What about you?

Shazam offered audio tracking during the Super Bowl, marking the first time the service has ever jumped into a live, televised event. Billboard.biz has the recap.

Wired analyzes why relaxed minds are more creative.

NSAI offers a thoughtful checklist detailing how songwriters and composers can avoid copyright infringement.

Billboard chats with Adele’s manager Jonathan Dickins about the star’s Grammy night, upcoming tour and more.

Rhapsody has unveiled a deep-diving artist app for Android. Rolling Stone reviews the user experience.

CNN explores music’s positive influence on children’s behavior.

Most audiophiles agree: Vinyl sounds better. NPR hosts a discussion about whether or not that’s always true.

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