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December 14, 2012

RE: BMI College/University License Campus Radio Station License Fee

This notice is in accordance with Paragraph 8 of your BMI/College University Music Performance License Agreement (“College/University License”) and serves to notify you that there has been a change in the “Compulsory Fee” for non-commercial educational radio stations, as established pursuant to Section 118 of the U.S. Copyright Act, upon which your Campus Radio Station Fee is based. The Compulsory Fee for the years 2013 through 2017 is now based on the number of full time enrolled students. The chart below shows the fees for your non-commercial radio stations for each of the next five years:

Rates applicable to Non-Commercial Educational Campus Radio Stations not affiliated with NPR
Number of Full- Time StudentsCalendar Years
Level 1<1,000$319$325$332$339$345
Level 21,000 - 4,999$369$376$384$392$399
Level 35,000 - 9,999$505$515$525$535$546
Level 410,000 - 19,999$655$668$681$695$708
Level 520,000 +$822$838$855$872$890

If your station is a low power station, please be advised that the lowest Level 1 fee, as set forth above for each of the five years, shall apply to any Campus Radio Station with an authorized effective radiated power (ERP), as that term is defined in 47 C.F.R. § 73.310(a), of 100 Watts or less, as specified on its current FCC license. This fee applies to such low power stations regardless of the size of the student population. Please also note that, for purposes of the Compulsory Fee as outlined herein, only full time students (graduate and under-graduate) are included in the student count.

The Compulsory Fee payment you make to BMI for each year of your license covers the compulsory license fee for the radio station for the entire calendar year under the applicable Compulsory License period. You will report your student count and radio station information in your annual report provided pursuant to the College/University License.

The new Compulsory Fees were negotiated by BMI with the American Council on Education and were jointly proposed to the Copyright Royalty Board under the compulsory license contained in Section 118 of the U.S. Copyright Act so that they will be included in the Code of Federal Regulations. The new fees replace the CPI adjustments that previously occurred every October, and are now tiered in relation to the size of enrollment at your college/university. If you have any questions about the Compulsory Fee, or about any other aspect of your College/University License, please call 800-925-8451.

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