Music Licensing for Standard Websites

Website Music Performance Agreement

The Standard Website Music Performance Agreement is generally for commercial entities that have the potential to generate revenues from the operation of the website but is not considered a Music Service, as defined below. Some possible sources of revenue may be subscription fees, online time, advertising, or sponsorships, to name a few.

Standard Website Music Performance

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please be advised that BMI’s Website Music Performance Agreement is not intended for, and will not cover, a Music Service (as defined below).  If your website or service is a Music Service, or you are not sure if your service is a Music Service, you cannot use BMI’s Website Music Performance Agreement and you should contact us at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Music Service” means an Internet website, mobile application, or service, or a designated portion or section thereof, the central focus of which is the transmission of audio and/or audio-visual material comprising predominantly feature uses of music (e.g., music-formatted radio, on-demand transmissions of music recordings or music videos, live concerts), as opposed to programming with background or incidental and/or occasional feature uses of music (e.g., news/talk radio, situational comedies, feature films).

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