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Do you have questions about the music use in your church?

perform music Inspirational songs are an important part of church life.  Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) has partnered with BMI in helping churches and non-profit religious organizations to comply with U.S. copyright law through an easy, one stop annual PERFORMmusic License.

This music license allows churches and non-profit religious organizations access to play or perform BMI music for non-exempt activities such as:

  • social and youth events
  • conferences and seminars
  • exercise and dance classes
  • church coffee shops and bookstores
  • music on hold
  • concerts (non-ticketed events)

...and most other uses of music played or performed throughout your facility. 

The license covers church premises, which may include satellite or campus locations that fall under the auspices of the church.  In addition to the cost-effectiveness of this license, no reporting is required.

“Many pastors believe that building a solid foundation for their churches’ blessing and integrity includes a commitment to honor copyrights or creative works like music. We greatly appreciate BMI’s innovation and desire to find easy solutions to complex copyright issues for churches.  We know that churches want to be supportive when it comes to honoring copyrights and BMI has taken a pro-active role in developing a solution to help churches with their commitment to compliance.”

Susan Fontaine Godwin
CVO / Founder

To learn more, please visit CCS or call (855) 576-5837. You will be helping to support the life and ministries of songwriters and publishers whose music you value.