Preferred Insurance Benefits

Preferred Insurance Benefits
Protection for When Life Happens

Preferred Insurance Benefits is now providing Life and Health related insurance products to BMI members, member companies and friends through an exclusive partnership with BMI.

BMI members will find special discount insurance opportunities, as well as Life, Disability, Health, Critical Illness, Accident and many other plans not previously available through BMI. You can obtain quotes instantaneously and anonymously with a click of your mouse or with a phone call to one of our benefit counselors. They will advise you on the proper coverages based on factors such as age, family situation and budget.

Protect yourself and your family against financial hardship for those times when writing or performing may be interrupted by accident, illness, or worse. One example: A 35 year old can get a $200,000 Term Life Insurance policy, $20,000 in Critical Illness coverage and an Accident plan that pays you whenever you receive Emergency Room care, for less than $1.70 per day!

Preferred Insurance Benefits: Protection for when life happens. Just click on the link below.

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